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Refki Gollopeni

Refki Gollopeni

Born: on 27.111965
Place: Doberdelan Municipality of Theranda-Suhareka
Doberdelan Therandë-Suharekë Kosovë             Phone number:             00377 44 187 499      
E-mail: refki

Communication in languages:
Albanian,German,Serbo-Croatian and partly English


Software recognition: M.Word, M.Excel, Corel DRAW, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Ilustrator etc.

School preparation:
He has completed primary school in 1980 ,High school of Fine Arts in Peja in 1984.
Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Prishtina at graphic  design course in 1989.
He has defended master at date 03.06.2005 with the topic ''Ismail Kadare's work in the painting of the book'' the preparation of book in Shyqri Nimani's edition.

Additional preparation
Psychosocial assistance to traumatized children within the school,the workshop organized by GTZ. Psychosocial assistance for the children with special needs within the school,the workshop organized by GTZ and education of tolerance.

Leadership based in value of seminar organized by the department of youth beside MKSR.

Study trips: Kingdom Museum of Fine Arts in the Principality of Liechensein ,Museum of Fine Arts in Zurich Switzerland ,home of Modern Art in Frankfurt Germany,Museum of Fine Arts in Quebek City-Canada etc.

The Experience of work in education 
Since 1991-1992 he worked at primary school in Studenqan,from 1992-1998 in the gymnasium ''Jeta e Re'' ate the same time he worked as the collaborators at the Board of Education,as advisers on the subject of Art,the experience of working in Liechenstain teaching suppelementary for refuge children since 1999-2000 ,by the year 2000-2002 he worked at Technical High school ''Skender Luarasi'' an Youth Center ''Fellbach house'' since 2002-2011

Artistic activity 
Illustrations of books and technical preparation of magazine brochures ,heraldry ,frescos ,mosaics, paintings,sculptures,advertisings designs etc.

Contests obtained and completed
The project idea of war victims memorial in Theranda-Suhareka,the design of emblem of the municipal Assembly of Theranda-Suhareka ,won the first price for the KGB  painting contest.National Bank of Kosovo's signature logo of Ben-af wrapping of Sharri milk,first price in terms for logo of  Kosovo's wine ,design institute for culture and sports of Kosovo INKUS etc.

Is promoter  and artistic director of the colony ''Festari'' in Theranda.

Kosovë ,Albania ,Liechtenstein ,Switzerland ,Germany ,France ,Macedonia,Serbia,Croatia ,Slovenia ,Canada 


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